Download and Test Directory for the
 overlibmws DHTML Popup Library 
maintained by Foteos Macrides at the Macrides Web Site
extending Erik Bosrup's overlib with enhancements and bug-fixes

Hover over anchors (links) and images to invoke DHTML popups.

  Use this link to download overlibmws as a zip archive  

Copyright Foteos Macrides
  All rights reserved.

Use the Command Reference for overlibmws DHTML tooltip and sticky popups  
Check the Change History for overlibmws DHTML tooltips and stickies  
  Example and Test Files for the overlibmws DHTML Popup Library  
  1. Getting Started
  2. return value for onclick links
  3. use of STICKY & SCROLL
  4. use of NOCLOSE / MOUSEOFF
  5. use of REF positioning
  6. use of WRAP & WRAPMAX
  7. use of SHADOW
  8. use of Secondary Popups
  9. use of DRAGGABLE
  10. use of MODAL & Confirm Dialogs
  11. use of ?GBACKGROUND
  12. hide form or flash (incl. frames)
  13. use of FUNCTION
  14. use of Debug Function
  1. use of BUBBLE (incl. image map)
  2. use of FILTER
  3. use of font-size settings
  4. set up scrollbars within popups
  5. loading HTML files into popups
  6. use of AJAX with popups
  7. php/mysql db content & quoting
  8. add print link or button in stickies
  9. select dates via calendar popups
  10. test across frames support
  11. test keyboard-invoked popups
  12. translate words or documents
  13. I love my Harley (sound)
  14. link color swapping via popups