(Spicy!!) Examples of Background Image Tiling
with the overlibmws DHTML Popup Library
maintained by Foteos Macrides at Macrides Web Services
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Here's a spicy tip.
These examples use overlibmws and its commands, including the core commands BGBACKGROUND, CGBACKGROUND, and FGBACKGROUND for tiling background images into, respectively, the outer table for the BORDER (and BASE if present), the inner table for the CAPTION and 'Close' areas (if present), and the inner table for the main text area, of the popups.

This tiling of images into table cells contrasts with use of the BACKGROUND core command, which uses an image as a replacement for the outer, border table, and a single, simplified table or one's own FULLHTML to position the popup's textual content over a region of that image.

Note that IE has a bug which blocks display of a link's (anchor's) address (href value) in the status bar when a background image is used with popups invoked via onmouseover.  If the address is "javascript:void(0);" that might not be considered a problem, but if it is an active link to another document, a workaround for IE's bug is to include:
in the link.

These examples also use CAPTIONFONTCLASS, CLOSEFONTCLASS, and TEXTFONTCLASS for setting the popup font and 'Close' anchor characteristics via class attributes associated with a style sheet in a style block (though it normally would be in a .css file imported via a link tag).

In addition, these examples use the FILTER, FILTERSHADOW, and FILTERSHADOWCOLOR commands for IE v5.5+ browsers.

Also see examples of raised captions via background images.

Use your browser's View Source option to see the markup for these examples.

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