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overlibmws outwits OS Controls, Applets and Plug-ins

Read this WebReference article that was originally written in September of 1998 (Note that the link within the primary (Drag Me!!!) popup has a secondary popup, and that the caption uses print and close icons.).

The Problem and Solutions

The STICKY overlib popups invoked via the above link and the three links in the row below are DRAGGABLE.  They have a high z-index value, but if you drag them to the select form element below, it may "trump" the popup for some browsers, and stay above.  Read the WebReference article for an excellent explanation.

BACKGROUND command             FULLHTML command             FULLHTML shadow

IE through v6.0 normally has the problem with this type of select form element, but we are using the overlibmws_iframe.js plugin module to obviate the problem for IE v5.5 or higher via an iframe shim (as opposed to iframe content).  For earlier versions of IE and for other supported browsers, the overlibmws_hide.js plugin module also has been imported and its HIDESELECTBOXES command is used to hide and restore the select box in conjunction with the display and removal of the popup in any regions of overlap, which you can create and eliminate in this example by dragging popups over and then off of the select box.  Normally, the DRAGGABLE feature would be used to move the popup away from an obscuring form field if the browser's window conditions caused overlap when the popup was invoked.  Note that the HIDESELECTBOXES command does not apply to Netscape v4.x, and one normally would use the "hide" plugin module's HIDEBYIDNS4 command to hide form fields for that older browser (see an example which does hide a form for Netscape 4.x as well).

See the SHADOW demonstration file for more examples of DRAGGABLE.
Also see the example of a DRAGABLE popup with iframe content.

Use your browser's View Source option to review the markup for these examples.
They're not too complicated and you can do it yourself once you catch on.
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This document uses overlibmws and its commands.

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