Print Link or Button Examples with the
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Attention Lacrosse Team and Fans:
Saturday 12/25/05
Scrimmage at West Orange
Directions (w/ caption)
Santa Claus says, "Be there!!!"

Directions (w/o caption)
Easter Bunny says, "It's Hoppin'!!!"

The above two links invoke a sticky popup and use the PRINT command to insert a print link in the caption, or a print button in the text area if the popup lacks a caption, so that the DHTML contents of the popup can be sent to a printer via a temporary printing window.

Note that you can force use of a print button in the text area (i.e., even if the popup has a caption) by also using the PRINTBUTTON command.

Use your browser's View Source option to review the markup for this printing mechanism.  It's not too complicated and you can do it yourself once you catch on.  Smile, you're on Candid Camera!!!

Try examples with icons as the PRINTTEXT.  Also try examples that use an external function for printing.  See examples of printable blow-ups for thumbnail image galleries.

This document uses overlibmws and its commands.

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