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Date Picker provides a popup calendar in a dynamically populated DIV.  It combines the original date-picker script by Kedar R. Bhave and overlib DHTML popups.  This method is an improvement over using popup windows, because so many people are installing software to suppress the annoying popup windows generated for advertising.  The modifications to use overlib were first done by James O'Connor.  His version of the Date Picker script is accessible via the above link.  This example document uses a version (calendarmws.js) with further modifications by Foteos Macrides and Bill McCormick, from the overlibmws distribution.

Pop-up calendar sample form:

Beginning date:   

Ending date:       

Use a form within a popup

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Also see examples with the inactive option,
and examples with onchange handling,
and examples with multi-language support.

This example uses overlibmws and its commands.

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