Font Size Settings in the
overlibmws DHTML Popup Library
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This table compares font sizes produced with your browser's current settings by five CSS font-size methods versus the integer method for the parameters of the TEXTSIZE, CAPTIONSIZE, CLOSESIZE and PRINTSIZE commands in overlibmws.
  •  PX:  CSS method with #px font-size  (e.g. TEXTSIZE, '13px')
  •  PT:  CSS method with #pt font-size   (e.g. TEXTSIZE, '10pt')
  •  %:  CSS method with #% font-size   (e.g. TEXTSIZE, '83%')
  • EM:  CSS method with #em font-size  (e.g. TEXTSIZE, '.83em')
  • Absolute:  CSS method with absolute font-size  (e.g. TEXTSIZE, 'x-small')
  • Integer:  Integer method for font size  (e.g. TEXTSIZE, 2)
PX PT EM¹ Absolute Integer²
9px 7pt 58% .58em xx-small 1
11px 8pt 67% .67em xx-small 1
13px 10pt 83% .83em x-small 2
16px 12pt 100% 1em small 3
19px 14pt 117% 1.17em medium 4
24px 18pt 150% 1.5em large 5
32px 24pt 200% 2em x-
¹Percentages are based on a 12pt font = 100% (1em). Calculate 8pt/12pt=67%.
Try varying your browser settings, e.g.:
on IE use View | Text Size
on NS6/7 use Ctrl + or -
on NS4 use Ctrl ] or [
²The valid range for integer parameters is 1 (default) to 7, equivalent to the integer values for the size attribute of the font element.  But overlibmws does not actually use the depricated font element in the popup markup it generates for browsers that can respect the W3C Strict DTDs.

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