Keyboard-invoked Popups via the overlibmws
DHTML Popup Library

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Use your TAB and Shift-TAB keys (Ctrl-DownArrow and Ctrl-UpArrow for Opera) or your mouse to access the form fields and the anchors (text and image links) in this document.  All of the form fields and anchors are associated with overlibmws tooltip popups.  The keyboard-invoked popups use the onfocus, onblur and onkeypress events for popup control in a manner homologous to the use of onmouseover, onmouseout and onclick by the mouse.  When keyboard navigation imparts focus and a popup to a link or form button, pressing the ENTER key will activate it.  When focus is imparted to a text input field, data can be entered via the keyboard and the form can be submitted by pressing the ENTER key, but that key is treated as data (newline) within the textarea field and you must leave it (e.g., via tabbing or a mouseover) to submit the form.  The keyboard-invoked popup support is important for ADA-compliant web sites (note some problems in Gecko-engine browsers).  Also check out keyboard versus mouse-based navigation in another form-containing overlibmws support document.

Have fun with this form!!

name:   phone:
grade: street:
city: zip:
size: color:
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These examples use overlibmws and its commands.

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