Flash-handling Example with the
overlibmws DHTML Popup Library
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Pop Me!!!
This example uses overlibmws and its commands.  The above flash movie has been invoked in windowless mode by setting the wmode parameter to "transparent" in the param and embed tags of the object element for the flash movie.  Setting wmode to "transparent" or "opaque" prevents the flash movie from obscuring the popup for the supported browsers if they have a reasonably current version of the flash player.

If you cannot set the flash object's wmode to "transparent" or "opaque" (e.g., on Linux with Firefox), and for other objects which use system controls such as applets and QuickTime movies, import overlibmws_iframe.js to use an iframe shim (as opposed to iframe content) for IE v5.5 or greater, and for older versions of IE and the other supported browsers which need it, import the overlibmws_hide.js plugin module and use its HIDEBYIDALL command.  See an earlier version of this support document for an example.
Use your browser's View Source option to see the markup for this example.
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