Lysistrata 100

By Aristophanes

Adapted and Directed by Edward Einhorn

Music by William Sullivan Niederkorn

A co-production with Parker Gainesville LLC


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100 people combine to present Lysistrata in a former warehouse in Brooklyn

Performed at the UnderWater Theatre at Water Street Restaurant & Lounge, this is a site specific version of Aristophanes' classic comedy. Following worldwide readings of the play to protest the war, this 2,400 year old farce tells the story of the women of Greece, who refuse to have sex with the men until they call off their war. The atmosphere will be like an ancient Festival of Dionysus, with drinks and food being served throughout.

Produced by David Einhorn, Calvin Wynter, and Andrew J. Lederer
Stage Manager: Becky Thatcher
Assistant Directors: Henry Akona, Russel Kaplan, Regina Robbins, John Summerford, Thomas Weitz
Assistant Stage Managers: Alison Hall, Kelly R, Haydon, Casey Smith, Melanie A. Montes
Dramaturg: Karen Ott
Costume Designer: Carla Gant
Set Designer: Cemre Durusoy
Lighting Designer: Aaron Mason
Props Designer: Berit Johnson
Board Op/Wardrobe: Karene Morris
Publicity by Judy Jacksina


Lysistrata: Cameron Peterson
Calonice: Saysha Heinzman
Myrrhina: Kalle Macrides
Lampito: Heather Oakley
Leader of the Women: Madelene Deleon
Leadetr of the Men: Cory Einbinder
Magistrate: Michael Whitney
Cinesias: Troy Acree
Spartan Herald: Ken Simon
Corinthian: Olivia Baseman
Theban: Christina Neubrand
Woman 1 (Sheets): Jessica Mills
Woman 2 (Flax): Alice Starr McFarland
Woman 3:(Pregnant): Talaura Harms
Peace: Meredith Szalay
Servant: Geoff Berman

Understudies: Katherine Nolan Brown (Calonice), Alice Starr McFarland (Myrrhina), Talaura Harms (Leader of Women), Ken Simon (Lampito), Jenn Walker (Lysistrata), Lara Lauchheimer (Women 2-3, Corinthian, Theban), Estella Garcia (Woman 1, Peace) Maxwell Zener (All Male Roles)
Chorus: Randall Agata, Blaine Asner, Marcia Avriel, Aimee Baerga, Peter Bandaro, Olivia Baseman, Emily Beatty, Ana Belibasis, Curtis Bentine, Stu Berkowitz, Geoff Berman, Len Beyda, Dean Bianchini, Cis Black, Katherine Nolan Brown, Hanas Buerney, Margot Caine, Brent Calendar, Wayne Cantero, Tricia Carey, Carson Clark, Caveman Colletti, Gerald Copner, Arthur Cornelius, Lisa D'Abruzzo, Vance Daggin, Larry D'Angelo, Daniel Diamond, Lane Ducek, Andrew Emmons, Theresa Fasullo, Callie Feldman, Robb Felker, Juniper Foster, Tony Fox, Johnathan Frankel, Susan Gallagher, Estela Garcia, Nancy Garmes, Pete Georgoulakos, Carmen Grainger, Tereza Grimani, Karen Haber, Allison Hall, Drea Haratounian, Joe Harazi, Talaura Harms, Deroy Holland, Alexandra Holly, Aaron Jay, Berit Johnson, Bassin Kalif, Meredith Kaunitz, Seth Kubert, Lara Lauchheimer, David Law, Carlos Lenti, Den Levitch, Alan Levitt, Kenny Maltin, Victor Manos, Michael Morgan, Kyle Mastro, Alexa McAllister, Alice Star McFarland, Benjamin K. Melloan, Bobby Michelson, Jessica Francis Mills, Philip Minton, Michael Morgan, Elijah Naor, Andrea Newblood, Christina Newbrand, Jennifer Norton, Schella Orcel, Sharon Paige, Jonathan Rivera, Ilana Rugg, Rose Schmidt, Mark Schulman, Phyllis Seastrom, Carrie Sipple, Marie Slatkin, John Smile Small, Casey Smith, Art Solanoff, Pal Spector, T'Keyeh Tanisah, Ellen Taub, Kate Tellers, Larry Tester, Christine Utterberg, Scott Venters, Carrie Voit, Jenn Walker, Debra Wollman, Bill Zedd, Maxwell Zener.

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"Edward Einhorn seems to have done his research. The performances are lewd without being prurient, and he has reined in his boisterous ensemble just enough. The production fully utilizes the entire space. The actors cavort, yell and sing. This is a loud and raucous show. And so it should be since Lysistrata is after all a comedy. The audience for this show? Anyone with an appreciation for sex, or drinking -- or even Sex and the City"
Curtain Up

"Overall, Lysistrata 100, is an enjoyable erotic production with strong acting (including a large chorus handling complex choreagraphy/blocking), a brilliant sound design/composition by William Niederkorn and sensational directing/writing by Edward Einhorn who has made the leap from his children's theater off-Broadway production of Fairy Tales of The Absurd, to the orgiastic rituals of ancient Greece, with unsettling ease. All in all a fun, risque, energetic, piece of theater with some of the most talented off-off Broadway people behind it."
Hi! Drama

"Directed by Edward Einhorn, Untitled Theater Company #61 did a fine job of evoking the agora [the Greek marketplace] and makes good use of the unusual space"
L Magazine

Performances were at:
UnderWater Theatre at Water Street Restaurant & Lounge

Running from January 25 - February 25, 2004

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