Emmett Signed Up To Race! – For His 1st Time!
Emmett can do ANYTHING!!!
New York Road Runners
Youth Boardwalk Race – kids need sunshine
Saturday, May 19, 2018 – 1 mile – Coney Island Boardwalk
Cancelled – due to rain – hmm!
Getting Ready...
Emmett Imagines Himself Starting The Race
Emmett Imagines Himself Starting The Race
...and in 3D!!!
...and in 3D
Soccer Gets You Ready, Too!!!
...and in 3D

See the Course Map for the Youth Boardwalk Race

Dreamland – Jump For Joy...
Emmett Dreams That It Didn't Rain – And He Did Run!!!
Emmett Jumps For Joy
And Of Course, Emmett Dreams In 3D...
Emmett Dream-Jumps In 3D
Plus, Mama CAN run the Brooklyn Half-Marathon in the rain!
Mama can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to do!!!
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