Dearest Dearies,

It appears that the weather is plotting against us for Saturday, so we've decided to plot back.  We'll still be celebrating Emmett's birthday on Saturday in Prospect Park, but instead of Nellie's Lawn we'll be near the Music Pagoda (which is by the Nethermead) so we can go under the pavilion if it rains.

Note that it's a bit of a walk to the pagoda.  If anyone is worried about finding it give us a ring at 646-335-5262/5225.

For those who had said they could come, drop a line to let us know you've heard about the location switch.  If we don't hear from you we'll give a ring tonight.  To those who said they couldn't, we're sending you this not to be a pest but on the off chance your plans have changed we'd hate for you to go to the wrong spot!

The Macrides-Einbinders